Caring For Luna Moth Caterpillars — 2 Comments

  1. I have found Luna moths on my front porch several years in a row and have wondered what the large are feeding on . So this year I checked on line and found out in my area they would feed on hickory, walnut, and persimmon. So I decided to plant shagbark hickory because they would also provide roasting for bats . But then I wondered if pecan would be considered a hickory . That question is how I found your article, thank you very much for you lovely article. Learning the process of rearing the cats will save me lots of waisted effort. Thank you so much , have many more great years in Christ’s love , Thomas Crawford

  2. I JUST ORDERED MY FIRST LUNAR MOTH CATERPILLARS i CANT Wait to see the the adults I live in northern Indiana and have seen some on my property Many oak and hickory and walnut trees

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