This page is intended to provide information about building, or links to purchasing, butterfly houses. These temporary shelters in which butterflies may hide during inclement weather can not only provide protection for our winged friends, but beautify you butterfly garden as well. Since some species, such as the “Mourning Cloak ” may live through the winter months to emerge very early in the spring, or even on warm sunny days in winter months, some people like to provide these shelters for them and encourage their prescence daily.

Some unique and decorative butterfly houses I have found on Amazon are displayed below. You can scroll the images and click on any of interest for more information, or purchase directly from Amazon. As I find others of interest, they will be added here, so drop back by to see my top picks of the day.

The Purdue University entomology department has provided a link to plans for building a butterfly house. These instructions developed by Garden Gate are clear to follow for those capable in the woodworking category. No doubt this project would prove rewarding and be a great addition to your butterfly garden. Click on this link to their Butterfly House Plans.

I do know a man who makes these and also lovely bird houses. His name is Gene Curd and his E-mail address is: Those who do not feel inclined to build their own butterfly house, but would like one personalized to their own tastes can contact him directly for more information.