Butterfly Lady Storefront

This page is provided to showcase some of the art I have created to allow these works of God’s art to be appreciated by you for years to come. My frames are all handcrafted by me and made of durable hardwoods finished in a variety of colors. Butterflies are mounted between two pieces of glass to allow viewing from either side, since many are as beautiful on the underside as they are on the upper surface.

All the butterflies and moths I sell are raised on butterfly farms in tropical areas around the world and thus provide a living for people who would otherwise be forced to cut down rainforest to grow crops. This raising of butterflies has also allowed previously scarce species, such as the framed “birdwing” shown here, to be increased in numbers in the wild, since a percentage of those raised are released to replenish the population.

Below are just a couple of examples of these unique displays individually hand crafted by me.  Please feel free to contact me at  twoschulers@msn.com for photos of my current inventory available for purchase.



 For other products that may be of interest to the butterfly enthusiast, explore some of the items I have selected which range from the young novice to the avid naturalist ‘s interests. You can read more about the items and get the best pricing available through the Amazon links provided.   Additional items will be added to this store constantly, so be sure to drop back by in the near future.